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Hello, and welcome to my bulletin! I am glad you made it here. Now that, we are together, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Supriya, a writer by passion and I have been following up with it from the past 12 years, not that I knew it in the beginning. Some things just fall in place. And something like that happened with me when I wrote poetry in school, the topic was Tree – and I was exhilarated by my flair of rhyming and knowing everything without any help. That was my first and only experience which boosted my confidence.

On this journey, I became a Software Engineer and worked on my passion alongside.  Time went by, and I kept on embracing everything that interested me: Spoken Word Poetry, Poetry Writing workshops, Freelancing, Internships, Travelling, and my own startup – Open Brain Society, all while keeping myself stable at my job. Open Brain Society, to me, was not just a passion project, it was a means to give back to the society what I had gained over the year, to tell students that it is not difficult, there is a pattern, a logic in everything. But COVID nullified our chances right in the middle of our journey. Schools were shut down, college gates were closed and there was just fear surfacing. We took a break from there and later started giving online workshops. 

Frankly saying, it was a grind but overall, was an expedition of inner discovery. I kept on experimenting with different writing forms – Marketing, Technical, Creativity, Short Story, to finally realize that Travel Writing is my love. These days, I am continuously on a lookout to find such a role, pursue it full time, and follow my heart for the rest of my life.  

That is about me. A bit of a haul. I am still discovering, constantly evolving, always praying to God not to make it easier, but keep me motivated on my path.

I am overjoyed that I found you. I do not know from where you got till here, now that you are here, Keep sticking, you awesome discoverer!

This is my story in images and poetry; my life in short.

  • Age of Copying

    Full of energy, easy to mould,
    My playfulness still lives in my room.  
    Peeping like the fresh morning,
    Through my window, untouched and delightful. 
    I see myself through my eyes in some other smaller souls.

  • Age of Questioning : Early School

    Competing drops in the river,
    All equal, all same, all water.
    Just moving with the flow, sometimes dancing,
    Sometimes still. 

  • Age of Adolescence : School

    Some memories to me are to remember,
    While I can vouch for others which I can never forget.
    A lot of Fake friends and a stalker on road,
    I was Pasithea on face and anxious inside.

  • Age of Verification : Pre-College

    Kota, Dressed in a goddess figure,  
    This kisser of adventure places hugged me a lesson,
    Which I wear till date. The time, it was a lesson
    Of learning, No Friendship, low marks, health dip, and worst self-esteem. 

  • Age of Golden Years : College

    What started from negative mark from the reference point,
    Turned into the golden days of my life.
    So much fun, dancing rhythms, extensive poetry,
    Half lovers, and my best buddies. 
    Finally came Bangalore and then a small parting journey.

  • Age of Freedom : Post College

    The age of application and adulting,
    Experimenting and tasting everything,
    For this I yearned as a child. So free, SO FREE.
    Freedom of dreams and desires and Freedom of expression.
    Realizations and returns of the might that I earned. 

I am 25 Years old and currently looking for some travel roles, which can include anything from traveling to writing about travel stories from the comfort of home. I am also knitting some technicality in my poetry writing these days as a time pass. If you are interested in working with me or if my work interests you – Drop a mail supriya.sahu650@gmail.com.

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