I witnessed stories of life and dreams in K.R. Market and you will too!

Each story is unique. These are legends of hardships, and I like to see them as hope, connect them with time, talk about possibilities, and mark points that lead to understanding each other better. Here is a sneak peek in the form of a picturesque itinerary of poems from the perspective of life and desires!

My Love Affair with Coorg

I start my normal day in Bengaluru with exercise, have my breakfast and go to my desk for straight 8 hours with my laptop screen on and in the background music, children's voices and chores of the day change seasons. While every time I think of travelling to different parts of India, I find a... Continue Reading →

Weaving Destinations in Life’s Chapter!

Why I must visit Mumbai? First things first, you like traveling or not, Mumbai is the city which cannot be slipped from your must go places. Unique in its own way, this city offers you Mindfulness and Hassle, Multi Storey Apartments to Chawls, Cutting tea and Vada Pav to Luxury Dining in Taj Hotel, Togetherness... Continue Reading →

Travel Stop: Haridwar+Rishikesh

After canceling a lot of other plans, insisting my college teachers to take my tests later, filing some false doctor reports for postponing the exam dates, insisting my parents, I finally packed my bags to take a plunge and go wild into the beauty of Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Travel Stop : Hampi

I am always exhilarated when it comes to going to a place. Who will enjoy while traveling solo? What will you do? How will you manage things alone? These are all the questions which kept on hovering over my head unless I took a leap and set my foot out.

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